A Melodic House track with great use of lush sounds ranging from sweet pads to wood like mallet sounds. This track takes a dreamy approach to a dance track. There’s an ambient vibe surrounding the beats. Great when you love dance music and want to relax or study.

Release date: 27th of March 2020


We Are in Control

Sounds of progressive trance with a hint of psy take you on a journey. From nitty gritty synthesizers to speeding basslines combined with strong melodies give this track its character. Full speed energetic to satisfy your dance moods.

Release date: 2020

Source for modern dance music

Brought to you by music lovers, this young independant record label will focus to be extremely versatile. We love all danceable genres: From Trance, Techno, Progressive, EDM and Melodic House. Do you too?

Second to Twelve Live

Enjoy this video where you see Expectaz plays our latest release Second to Twelve live. No computers or dj equipment were harmed during the making of this track.

More Melodic house from Expectaz

Live performed minimal techno trance dance music on the akai force and pioneer dj djm2000. Using samples and the built in hype synth and tubesynth synths.